David Manns

Photographing Hampshire on black and white

A short photo series of the Hampshire Countryside

Back in 2016 I spent a day visiting Shawford in the Hampshire Countryside. While there ended up taking a few photos that came out well. The first two below in particular. Recently I have re-scanned some and will add more to this page as I Finish editing.

All photos below shot on Fuji Acros film. Some are lab scanned, some have been scanned in Raw format and edited by myself.

Fields in Hampshire
Twyford - Shawford.

Twyford to Shawford. This photo lab scanned.

Shawford, England.
Shawford, England on Fuji Acros 100 black and white film.
Itchen River, Hampshire, England.
The Itchen River.

Walking along the Itchen River.
Walking along the Itchen river.
Southshore sunset